Our team

Sam Gilbert
Director & Project Manager

Nickname: G
Specialisms: WordPress, Web Design, Responsive Design, Creative Thinking, Project Management
Interesting Fact(s): Married to Gemma, has 2 children (Leo and Amber), is a ‘statto’ about football & has enormous tongue!

Director & Commercial Manager

Nickname: A.D.
Specialisms: Commercial Management, Business Development, Project Management
Interesting Fact(s): Married to Kate, has 4 children (Olivia, Chloe, Joe and Jessica), is a decent singer & should enter the Olympics for the walking discipline.

Graphic Designer

Nickname: Charcoal
Specialisms: Graphic Design, Brochure Design, Stationery Design, Creative Thinking, Branding
Interesting Fact(s): Married to Alan, has 2 children (Charlie and Allie), is mad about drinking tea and loves Disney movies!

App Developer

Nickname: Blattman
Specialisms: App Development, Mobile Development, VR/AR
Interesting Fact(s): Married to Karen, has a son called Tai, loves all things Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and supports Arsenal, bought his house by selling butterfly wallpapers on an app!

Server Guru

Nickname: Deano
Specialisms: Server Management, Server Security, Malware, DDOS, GDPR, WordPress
Interesting Fact(s): Married to Jenny, has 3 kids (Neveah, Beth and TJ), loves to drink coffees from around the world and visits Chester Zoo regularly with his family.

Web Developer

Nickname: The Hat
Specialisms: Web Design, HTML5, Responsive Design, Graphic Design, Databases
Interesting Fact(s): Chris is a freak of nature in that he has exquisite skill levels in both the front end and back end web development AND graphic design. Love his 5-a-side football & never takes his hat off!

Web Developer

Nickname: Crude Carter
Specialisms: Web Design, HTML5, Responsive Design, WordPress, Databases
Interesting Fact(s): Max is American, hailing from Columbus (Georgia) and has an alter ego as DJ Crude Carter. Max is considered in the top 1% of WordPress developers in the world and absolutely loves pizza!


Nickname: Kate… just Kate
Specialisms: Accountancy, Customer Service
Interesting Fact(s): Married to Ade, Kate is the mother of their 4 children and runs the CF accounts when she’s not ferrying the Smiths to and from activities! Kate loves crafts and when she’s not dealing with the kids she loves a peaceful walk with their dog Holly in the Thorndon Woods!

Nickname: Mr Zoom
Specialisms: Web Development, Databases, Server Management, Email Setup
Interesting Fact(s): Married to Rebecca, has 2 children (Ruth and Hannah), is a Liverpool FC maniac and has a Guinness World Record for popping both eyes out of the head for the longest amount of time (seriously!). John loves a game of pool or darts! Sadly, John passed away on 6th of October 2023 after a short illness. RIP Doyley.