Well… at least a few good things have come of Facebook and timeline over the past few weeks and one of them is that you can now schedule posts on your Facebook fan page or profile.

This Facebook tip could come in really handy if you want to execute delivery at a peak time or if you were going away for instance, or just if you want to do an hour’s work on posts to set you up for the week!

How do I schedule a post on my Facebook page?

It’s really quite simple when you know how. On any status you will see a discreet clock icon (as pictured), you simply click this and select your time, day, month, year and hit the schedule button. Make sure you check the kind of post you want to schedule and then set the post to appear in the future!

Your scheduled post will appear in the timezone your page or profile is set to.

How do I schedule a post on my Facebook profile?

See above!

Schedule A Post on Facebook