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10 great tips for effective web design

Keep it simple and easy to navigate: The layout should be easy to navigate and the content should be easy to…

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How To Edit Your Hosts File
How To Change Your Hosts File On Windows

How Do I Change My Hosts File? When working on a new website sometimes the owner can’t afford any downtime. A…

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Jackpot CIty
Responsible Web Design – Jackpot City Case Study

Online gaming and Casino sites have never been so polished and widespread as they are today. The online casino industry began…

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Joey Essex - Fusey
Joey Essex and Fusey Become Client

He’s reem, lean and evry school girl’s dream … and now he’s a Chunky Frog client with his fashion brand “Fusey”….

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Frog Sunbathing
Looking For A New Website For Summer?

So it’s Summer now (allegedly!) and you’ve probably got to that stage where you’re thinking just like my wardrobe my online…

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Chunky Frog's Dude In The Boat
New Website For Summer 2012

Just a wee note to say we’re developing a brand new Chunky Frog website (clearly!) and that we’ll be enhancing the…

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