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A Wee Bit About Us

Chunky Frog was officially established in March 2008 by Sam Gilbert and Adrian Smith. They forged a formidable team combining commercial, web and project management skills to assemble a first rate Digital Marketing Agency.

We are based in Brentwood, Essex and specialise in the areas of search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, web design, graphic design, stationery design, printing, content management, pay per click advertising (PPC), eCommerce, eCommerce fulfilment and boast skills in many other domains to add to this arsenal.

Please feel free to get in touch with us by speaking to one of our friendly, professional team members.

  • Web Design

    Web design is our forté and we have a plethora of clients ranging from celebrity to corporate to charity to back up our statement that we really do see no job as too big or too small. As web designers we revel in new challenges and the variety of websites we are asked to design really does keep us fresh and on our toes!

  • Graphic Design

    If you are looking for a graphic design team in Brentwood then look no further than Chunky Frog. Our skilled team have created branding from logo design to stationery for all manner of clients ranging from insurance to photography to celebs. We’re known for being creative, quirky and efficient … and we always incorporate the clients’ brief.

  • SEO

    Also referred to as search engine optimisation, SEO is one of our specialist services and integral to the success of many of the businesses and projects we represent in this arena. Ranking highly on Google and other major search engines is a sure-fire way to attract genuine, targeted leads to your website.

  • Social Media

    Social Media has become a valuable tool for businesses and projects of all shapes and sizes globally. Interacting with your prospects on a social level and engaging them is vital to convert. Your social media prowess also plays a part in your search engine optimisation with social signals an important factor to Google and other search engines.


Sam Gilbert
Director & Project Manager

Nickname: G
Specialisms: WordPress, Web Design, Responsive Design, Creative Thinking, Project Management
Interesting Fact(s): Married to Gemma, has 2 children (Leo and Amber), is a ‘statto’ about football & has enormous tongue!

Director & Commercial Manager

Nickname: A.D.
Specialisms: Commercial Management, Business Development, Project Management
Interesting Fact(s): Married to Kate, has 4 children (Olivia, Chloe, Joe and Jessica), is a decent singer & should enter the Olympics for the walking discipline.

Graphic Designer

Nickname: Charcoal
Specialisms: Graphic Design, Brochure Design, Stationery Design, Creative Thinking, Branding
Interesting Fact(s): Married to Alan, has 2 children (Charlie and Allie), is mad about drinking tea and loves Disney movies!

App Developer

Nickname: Blattman
Specialisms: App Development, Mobile Development, VR/AR
Interesting Fact(s): Married to Karen, has a son called Tai, loves all things Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and supports Arsenal, bought his house by selling butterfly wallpapers on an app!

Server Guru

Nickname: Deano
Specialisms: Server Management, Server Security, Malware, DDOS, GDPR, WordPress
Interesting Fact(s): Married to Jenny, has 3 kids (Neveah, Beth and TJ), loves to drink coffees from around the world and visits Chester Zoo regularly with his family.

Web Developer

Nickname: The Hat
Specialisms: Web Design, HTML5, Responsive Design, Graphic Design, Databases
Interesting Fact(s): Chris is a freak of nature in that he has exquisite skill levels in both the front end and back end web development AND graphic design. Love his 5-a-side football & never takes his hat off!

Web Developer

Nickname: Crude Carter
Specialisms: Web Design, HTML5, Responsive Design, WordPress, Databases
Interesting Fact(s): Max is American, hailing from Columbus (Georgia) and has an alter ego as DJ Crude Carter. Max is considered in the top 1% of WordPress developers in the world and absolutely loves pizza!


Nickname: Kate… just Kate
Specialisms: Accountancy, Customer Service
Interesting Fact(s): Married to Ade, Kate is the mother of their 4 children and runs the CF accounts when she’s not ferrying the Smiths to and from activities! Kate loves crafts and when she’s not dealing with the kids she loves a peaceful walk with their dog Holly in the Thorndon Woods!

Nickname: Mr Zoom
Specialisms: Web Development, Databases, Server Management, Email Setup
Interesting Fact(s): Married to Rebecca, has 2 children (Ruth and Hannah), is a Liverpool FC maniac and has a Guinness World Record for popping both eyes out of the head for the longest amount of time (seriously!). John loves a game of pool or darts! Sadly, John passed away on 6th of October 2023 after a short illness. RIP Doyley.

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